Monday, March 31, 2014

Wonder Bread 3/24/2014

This week had it's ups and downs to be honest. It was one of those weeks where by Saturday and Sunday (because in the mission life, Monday is the first day of the week, and Sunday is the last), I was ready to start a new week. If that makes sense. But anyways, on Monday we went to the Bishops house and had an FHE with his family, and our recent convert, Patricia and her family. It was really cool, because we want the kids to get baptized, so we are working really hard to make sure they have friends in the church.

Then on Tuesday we had a really good lesson with one of our investigators. He recently had a cousin die who he was really close to. He said when he was at the funeral service, all he could think about was the plan of salvation we had taught him just a few days earlier. (We hadn't planned on teaching it, but Elder Zoolakis and I both felt impressed to teach him that, so we did, and he broke down in tears and told us about his cousin) so that was a pretty good experience.

On Thursday we came home from doing some work in the morning, and our house smelled a bit like natural gas... So we just opened up some windows and let it all vent out and it was fine. Then we came back at night, and it smells like it again, so we call President and he sends over the housing coordinators who go in, and realize the pilot light is off (I hate stoves with a pilot light) and so yea. But President had us drive over to the ZLs apartment and spend the night there to let the gas all leave the house. I'm so glad we are moving out of here.

Oh other crazy story on Thursday. We were biking down a street towards an appointment, and then we see this guy biking the other way on the other side of the street. We wave and he just goes "WONDER BREAD". So yea. That's a thing.

Then on Friday I was on exchanges with the zone leaders in my area. Elder Murphy (one of our zone leaders) is so crazy, but I love him. He's so cool. He knew a good friend of mine in college who is serving her mission in Italy! Small world. We decided we are going to backpack in South America together with our wives. It'll happen.

On Saturday we did service for a lady, cleaning her yard. It was boring, but fun at the same time. And then Saturday night we were biking down the street and we saw this truck that was stalled. We asked if we could help and they said they ran out of gas, so we helped push it a little over a mile to the nearest circle K. That felt good, but man I got sweaty doing that.

I think that's all! Love you all so much!!

Elder Allen.

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