Monday, March 10, 2014

March 3, 2014 Viva la Phoenix

So sad to say goodbye to Elder Baker
Rainbow after a heavy storm

This week has been pretty crazy awesome. I had to say goodbye to some people before I left, and that was sad. I said bye to Gicela and her family, and Gicela started crying a little bit :( so sad. Then we went and said bye to Anselmo and he began to tear up too! I didn't think I had made that big of an impact on these people... But I'm going to stay in contact with them via Facebook.

Then on Wednesday I got transferred! Pretty crazy. I'm now in the Phoenix Zone (I was in the South Phoenix Zone) but I am in the same stake! Pretty cool actually. I'm excited. I'm serving in a ward called Cielito (which means little heaven) and my companion is Elder Zoolakis. He's really cool, and he was Elder Sylvester's trainer, and then Elder Mabey's companion, then mine! So he's just moving right through my MTC district.

Not a whole lot has happened in the new ward I'm in. We have a lot of solid people that we are teaching, and if all goes well, we should have a baptism this Saturday! Which would be an awesome way to start off this transfer. It should be a good one for sure.

Oh yea! I just remembered something. We got to watch the Gilbert Temple Dedication! That was so awesome. We watched a broadcast of it at the stake center, and so that was really cool. That's my first temple dedication I have participated in. Pretty legit. President Toone also authorized us to watch the cultural celebration that was Saturday night, and that was cool, k
inda cheesy at times, and it was outdoors and POURING rain. Like crazy. The first time it has rained in 6 months. Very different than Oregon. Oh and Elder Zoolakis and I combined our names....... Ready?

Elder Zooallender



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