Monday, March 31, 2014

We are moving soon, tell the Brothers 3-31-2014

Hey! So yea they kinda killed Siri on our iPads. It's kinda sad. We can't use it to ask questions and stuff. Like yesterday, I tried to ask it when James E. Talmage died, and she said she can't do that for me it made me sad. But then today I asked when Thomas S Monson was born, and she told me! (he's 31634 days old) so I'm not sure what her deal is. Maybe it's because I yelled at Siri the other day... She might hold a grudge. Anyway!

In other news we are moving out of the flower house! The mission is sick of how it has cockroaches and a pool that is really gross and dirty. So we are gone! We will be moving out after transfers or right at them. Not sure yet to where... Or when we are moving... Just that we are moving. So don't send anything more to this house (but yes I got the package, thanks for the hi chew and the gum. I LOVE IT, I forgot how good hi chew were, but I will say that I like Mexican candy now.... Like the spicy candy, it's good.)

On Monday we had a good day. We went over to Patricia, the lady who got baptized while I was here, and talked to her. The only major down side is that she likes to talk... A lot. So we got home a bit later than normal. I don't like being home late, because then it gets hard to get to bed on time! Which stinks, because I need my sleep.

On Tuesday we had a legit lesson with a new family. We went out with our newly called elders quorum president, president Corona, and that was awesome. He's super cool. So then in the lesson, which was a first lesson so we taught the restoration, and Hno Corona bore a great testimony about Joseph Smith and about how the first vision really happened. It was amazing. I'm really hoping this family continues to have the desire to learn more about the restored gospel.

And the other crazy thing that happened this week was that we got new sisters in the zone! They are from some mission in chile (not Concepción sur, but some other... I don't remember) I don't know why they got reassigned here... But they're really cool! One is from Springville Utah, which is close to Mapleton right? So maybe the Vorkinks know her! Her name is Sister Thompson... I think. I don't really remember too well. But her and her sister sang in some song on the For the Strength of Youth soundtrack or something... Anyway they seem like really cool sisters, and a great addition to the zone!

I think that is pretty much all that happened. Hope you all are doing well! I love you all so much and am so pumped to be serving here in Arizona! It's so awesome. I know this church is true and that I am so blessed to be here. Oh I actually have a compromiso for you all, and I do these in Spanish so here we go.

¿Leerán los tres parábolas de James E Talmage de el ensign en febrero 2003?

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