Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 30, 2013 Woot Woot

This week has been pretty cool. 

Monday September 23rd:
Sweet bouncy house
Not much happened this day. We just sorta had our regular P-Day. We played some Phase 10

Tuesday September 24th:
There was an Hermana in our district who went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leader, and so we got to see the iPads in action. It is pretty cool to have your whole area book, every Mormon message/video on LDS.org, and all of the scriptures all on one device. I am pretty excited for when we get to use them.

Wednesday September 25th:
We went to a stake talent show, and that was pretty fun to see the stake come together, both English and Spanish, to have a good time. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is what brings people together.
Texting and riding a bike, because I can!  

Thursday September 26th:
We taught an investigator. She has been taught by the missionaries before, but for whatever reason she wasn't baptized. We taught the first half of Lesson 1 (because we ran out of time) and she liked it a lot. She gave the closing prayer and she started crying during it. I think It's just a matter of time until she fully accepts the Gospel into her life. 

Friday September 27th:
This was a funny day. Elder Hernandez was hit by a car. Not only a car, a cop car. And not only a cop car, but a cop car pulling out of a police station. It was pretty funny to be honest. The reason I say it is funny is because he wasn't hurt at all from the hit. We were biking on the sidewalk in front of the station and there was a cop who was slowly pulling out of the station. I was leading and so I rode in front of him and the cop must not have seen me and so he kept inching out and he inched out enough to hit Elder Hernandez and popped his front tire. The police officer got him a new tire from Wal-Mart but it was a cheap one. Then later that same day we went over to a part member family's house and I invited a non member of the house (the father) to be baptized on October 26th and he said yes! So I am pretty excited. 

Saturday September 28th:
Not a ton happened on this day either, but we biked 12 miles, so that was a pain. 

Sunday September 29th:
Sunday was an amazing day. It was Fast and Testimony meeting because of General Conference (which I am beyond excited for, words cannot even begin to describe) and there were some great testimonies born. Then after church we went to Montana del Sur's old bishops hospital room. He trims palm trees for a living and he was up in one one day and he fell from about 20+ feet. He only broke his ankle and fractured a vertebrae in his back. The Doctors said he is really lucky that that's all that happened. Then later that night we had a Fireside at the chapel and it was amazing. Simply amazing. We asked our recent convert to bare her testimony and she started crying while she talked about how much the Gospel has blessed her. Then her daughters just randomly got up and decided to bear their testimonies too. They're 9 and 11 and they are not members because their dad thinks that they don't understand what they would be getting into if they were baptized. I wish he was there last night to hear them say what they said. They were so heart-felt and emotional. It was amazing. I teared up!

I love this work. It is the work of God, and I wouldn't change it for the world. 

I hope you all are doing well, (Shout out to Grandma Weight for her Birthday today!) and I love you all so much! 

Elder Allen

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