Monday, October 28, 2013

October 21, 2013 Transfers this week

We have been teaching all of our solid investigators, Anselmo, Amy, Samantha, Ryan and Marc. It has been good. They were all sad that Elder Hernandez is leaving, as was I, but it should be a good transition because I will still be in the area, so I can lead the new missionary and introduce him to everyone. We should have Anselmo baptized this Saturday, which is good. He is married to an endowed member of 5 years. It is great that he has finally accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ into his life. It has been amazing to see his transformation, as he is the first investigator what I will have taught all the lessons to. I can't wait till his baptism. 

Not a ton more has happened this week. A week from today (Next Monday  we will be painting our new house that we will be moving into, and so we should be moving into there sometime next week.

I will be receiving a new companion, who will also be our district leader, this Wednesday  I don't know who it is yet, but I will let you know next week! I'm sure he will be a good guy and we will be hard workers together. 

That is about it! I love you all so much and I can't wait to hear form you again!

Love Elder Allen
Fun Zone activity (Shout-out to Elder Mabey)

Me and Hermana Haar in our Wildlife shirts.  

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