Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 23, 2013 My first bike accident

Monday September 16th:
Found some cool zombie posters at an investigator's trailer!
P-Day as normal. Not a ton happened, but Elder Hernandez and Me got taken out to dinner, so that was really nice. The Valdez family are the ones who took us. 

Tuesday September 17th:
Not much happened that day, but we got a new investigator.  He's 78 years old and has had 3 heart attacks in the past 6 months. He has been smoking for like 50 years, and he is trying to figure out why God let him live through 3 heart attacks, and he thinks that this gospel may be the reason.

Wednesday September 18th:
Pretty regular day, we taught a less active guy  who has some form of cancer in his eye. It's sad. 

Thursday September 19th:
I had my first bike accident! It really wasn't anything huge. Basically Elder Hernandez and I both kinda hit each other and fell. I got a little tear in my grey old suit pants, I'm going to look into getting those fixed. I'll send some pictures of the aftermath. 

Notice my handlebars and my wheel position.  
Friday September 20th:
Not much happened except we taught our 78 year old investigator again. 

Saturday September 21st:
We had service for the Valdez family by moving a ton of concrete out of their back/side yard into his truck and then to a dump. It was really hard and heavy work. Not to mention it was about 105 degrees when we were doing it! But they were kind enough to take us out to dinner (for the second time this week) to thank us. 

Sunday September 22nd:
We had dinner with one of my favorite members of the ward, The Frietz's. They're this awesome family that has had all of their kids serve missions, so they are just really missionary minded. They love having the missionaries over and to go out and teach with us. They also offered to to take us to the Stake Center for General Conference. Its pretty sweet!

That's pretty much all that happened! I had a great week all in all, and I'm so glad to be here to do the Lord's work. I love the people so much, and I wouldn't trade this for the world (Sorry Mom)

Elder Allen

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