Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013 New Companion and new Home

Me in Elder Hernandez's shirt.  I have big shoulders to fill
Monday was a crazy day to be honest. At first I was planning on going to be in a tri-panionship from Monday to Wednesday (until I get my new companion because Elder Hernandez had to report to the Mission home on Monday) BUT Elder Oscarson (one of my Zone Leaders at the time) was made an Assistant  So he had to go early to get trained and such. So I went over to the ZL's early to be companions with Elder Cassiano (the other ZL). So basically I was District Leader/Zone Leader for 2 days haha. Not really, but kinda. It was fun for 2 days. 

Tuesday I was over with Elder Cassiano, and he called the Assistants and asked if I could lead the District Meeting in Elder Hernandez's absence, and they said yes! Well their exact words were "Yea, that would be good training for him"....... I don't know what that means, but I'll take it. So I lead District Meeting and it was fun.

Then Wednesday was Transfers! I was told that I wasn't being transferred  so I was happy. I went to the meeting, and I got my new companion, Elder Aranibar! He's a really cool kid from Peru initially, but he moved to Utah (West Jordan) when he was 13. So that is a little bit about him! He is really cool, and was in the same Zone as me before transfers. He was in Aguila and is actually Elder Mabey's trainer. Oh and at transfer meeting we found out we will be getting iPads this Wednesday. No iPhones, but President Toone said they would roll those out fairly soon after. Probably by my 1 year mark. 

Then Thursday was a pretty normal day. I have to lead the area because Elder Aranibar is new here, but it hasn't been too hard. We have a pretty small area, so it wasn't too bad. 

Friday we had my Post 12 week training meeting. That was fun, because we got to go to Tempe and see President Toone again! It was really cool, he's such a great guy. And then later that night we had an interview for Anselmo's baptism the next day haha. It was good that he passed! And after the interview we had a farewell party for a girl in Montana del Sur ward who is going to the Salem Oregon Mission! It was cool because the entire ward throws the party and they do so much for the future missionary! It is so cool.

Then Saturday we had the baptism! It was so awesome. A lot of members from the ward came to support him. So we were pumped. Oh, I got to do my the baptism.  

That is pretty much the whole week. 

Love you all
Elder Allen

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