Saturday, July 6, 2013

"Fue criado por lobos? -- Elder Sylvester"

So this past week has flown by. I don't even know if that is the correct word to use there, but I don't care.

I had a lot of fun this week. Up until yesterday (the 4th of July) it was pretty standard. We had classes, taught investigators, and ate more food than we burn off. Its kinda gross like that. I mean I've been told that I wouldn't have a car at all in my mission, and yet they feed me unhealthy food? I don't know I probably shouldn't complain because the food is good, I just know it isn't good for me. I try to do my own personal workout every night and eat a salad and fruit with all my meals (they have pineapple everyday so I love it) But surprisingly, with all of this food I think I have lost weight. I am pretty sure I came in at 155, and the last time I weighed myself I was 149. I have +/- 5 pounds every day though so I don't think I'll stay there. Back to the 4th. It was a normal day until 7pm. We normally have class till 8:25 on Thursdays, but we got to end early because it was a Holiday. We ended at 7 and then went to a 'Firework side' Get it? My comp came up with it. I thought it was pretty clever. But it was a really short fireside where the speaker just talked about a story of someone who served in the army. I cant really remember it, but it might come to me. Afterwards, at probably around 7:45 it was announced that we were going to watch 17 miracles as an MTC and then go outside and eat ice cream and watch the fireworks at Stadium of Fire (and no I couldn't hear Call me Maybe playing :( ) We watched the fire works from 10:20 to about 10:45 and it was pretty cool. They were loud and pretty, but fireworks are fireworks and they get old after a while. 
This is my whole district (left to right)Elder Whitted, Elder Allen, Hermana Lamphire, Hermana Manwill, Hermana Law, Hermana Rich, Elder Sylvester, and Elder Mabey
Oh another sucky thing that happened this week! The temple is closed :( and will be for the rest of my time in the MTC. I heard rumors that certain districts and zones are asked to help clean the temple while it is closed, and I would love to do that. What a cool experience.

Love you all, Elder Allen

Elder Mabey, Me, Elder Sylvester, and then Elder Whitted

Picture of me pointing at this random drawing that I drew. The Hermanas told me what to draw,

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