Friday, June 28, 2013

June 28, 2013 One week down

The MTC is a pretty cool place. We got kicked out of the cafeteria for a week so all of the new mission presidents, their wives, and some general authorities could eat. Because of that we had to eat in the gym, so gym time was moved out to the field. (I watched out for pot holes in the grass, don't worry) So that was kind of a pain. The food is worse when it is in the gym, so that was not good. But i will say that after we were finally back in the cafeteria, all of the food is amazing. We think it is left over from all of the general authorities and mission presidents being here... We had cheese cake and shrimp and papa johns pizza, and even Cafe Rio. Which is still worse than Chipotle, but it's better than the regular food, that's for sure.
Elder Whitted taking a Selfie

Elder Maybe
My district is getting along really well. I don't remember if i have told you about them so I'll just give you a quick summary:
Elder Whitted (My comp) is from Columbus Ohio, and is 6 foot 3 or so. So I look tiny next to him. 

Elder Maybe is from Southern California, LA area. He didn't know anyone I knew there, but he is a fan of Community so he holds a special place in my heart.

Elder Sylvester
Elder Sylvester is from Detroit Michigan (Ann Arbor specifically) He is a really nice guy who went to a year at BYU Hawaii before he came out on his mission.

Hermana Lamphear is from Park City, Utah
Hermana Law is from Brigham City, Utah
Hermana Manwell is from Montana and her life is The Blind Side, literally.
Hermana Rich is from Connecticut

So that is a little about my district. We all get along really well together. Sometimes too well. We have to separate ourselves during study time or else we would just sit and talk the whole time. I guess that's a good and bad thing? I'm not sure to be honest.

We have now taught our first investigator 5 times. I think that's a little more than normal, but it is still nice. He has come to church with us and has committed to read the book of Mormon and be baptized. I will say, that even though Juan (our investigator) is just an actor pretending to be an investigator, its still an amazing feeling when someone committed to be baptized. Another awesome thing about being here is that the Spirit is so strong. Even in our lessons where me and my Comp are speaking broken Spanish, I know that Juan is feeling the spirit. That is one thing I have learned while I have been here; The Gift of tongues doesn't have to do with being able to speak Spanish better, it has to do with being able to still convey the spirit, no matter how bad you are at speaking the language. I will say that I can successfully pray and bare my (very simple) testimony in Spanish, and that is a relief. I'm learning words here and there, but it is a hard language to pick up fast.

I haven't run in to too many people I know. A few here and there, but I don't usually have time to socialize. That's something about being here, you don't have a lot of free time -- ever.

Well that is about all I have to say. I love you all, and I miss you all

Elder Allen  
Elder Allen and Elder Christensen

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