Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November 25, 2013 Legit Week

My District!  
So this week has been legit, as you can tell by the subject. We had a pretty normal week at the beginning to be 100% honest. But on Tuesday we were able to go to the Temple to do a session! Always a great experience, and I took some sweet pictures, but I left my Camera at home :( I'll send them next week.

Then on Wednesday we had our regular district meeting, which was good and all that jazz. Then we went out to work and we found a family! An awesome one at that. It is a mom and her 4 kids, one girl is 19 (we haven't met her yet), another girl is 16, a 15 year old boy and an 11 year old girl! It is a pretty awesome family, but the kids only speak Spanish, they can't read it. They can read English though. So we might have to hand them over to the English Elders... I kinda hope not, because they're super legit. Then we went out and about and did our regular lessons. We are teaching this one lady and she is super solid. She is going to get baptized the 7th! Well that's when we are planning for at least. 

Then we went out on Thursday and did our regular stuff, and we found another family! But this family has 7 kids, but they came to church on Sunday, which was super cool!  

Wet pants from the rain. 
On Friday we had our regular weekly planning, and that was fun as always.... Not. I don't like it to be honest. But yea. We went out that day and had fun EXCEPT IT WAS RAINING. a lot. I hated it actually. I think I am turning into someone who doesn't like the rain :( I don't know how I will feel about Oregon once I finish my mission.... We will see. 

Then Saturday we had our awesome Talent Show/Ward Thanksgiving party! It was so cool. All of the missionaries from the ward got up and sang the 2 verses from "I hope they call me on a mission" in Spanish, and then we sang this song called "Mountains to climb" in English then a 3rd verse we made up about the ward we are serving in, to the tune of "I hope the call me on a mission". It was awesome! I have a video, but it's on the hastening device. 

Then we had our regular Sunday, but Elder Hernandez came and surprised the ward! It was awesome to see him. Then after church we got to go with Elder Aranibar to get his Patriarchal Blessing! That was super cool to be there for that. I didn't hear the blessing, but I could feel the spirit in the house. It was crazy. 

And that is about it! It was a good week. I love you all so much! I wish i could be there for T

Thanksgiving, but I know that this is where I need to be. I will think of you all for thanksgiving, as you all have had such a large impact in my life. Love you!

Elder Allen

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