Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013 Its P-Day P-Day, gotta get down on P-Day!

Well it's been a pretty awesome week. We have a lot of good things going for us in our area, and if things play out correctly, we might be able to baptize weekly!!! It would be pretty cool if that happened, because it never seemed possible before, but now it might be! 

We the baptism for Ryan and Marc, and yes now the whole family are members! I hope that I can be back in this ward in a year so I can be there when they go through the temple and get sealed together as a family. That would be amazing. 

So that was just 2 days ago, so I'll go back in time a bit now to Tuesday or Wednesday. I don't remember exactly what day... But we started teaching Elena and Nancy more frequently! It has been pretty amazing to see them just absorb the gospel. 

Then we had Zone Meeting. Which was cool... I honestly forgot what it was about. I think about committing people to be baptized? I think. It was good, I promise! I love our Zone Leaders, Elder Cassiano and Myler, they are great guys. 

Then we went on splits with the Elders Quorum on Wednesday night,and that was cool because we got to go and meet some of the less actives in the word that I don't already know. We talked about the significance of the Sacrament Prayer, and what it really means. How we can basically be baptized again every week through that sacred ordinance. Pretty cool if you ask me. 

Then we had a Church tour with 2 of our investigators and their families. The first one was with Elena, Nancy, and Carlos. They seemed to like everything and Elena came to church, but Nancy and Carlos didn't :( It was sad. Then we gave another Church tour to Oscar and his whole family (his wife and 5 kids). And they seemed to really like everything. Then they all went to the baptism! (Elena, Nancy, Carlos, Oscar and his family) and so we had a ton of investigators there to see how a baptism works! It was so cool. And I gave one of the talks on the Holy Ghost! I basically just broke down one scripture, 2 Nephi 32:3. It went well, I think haha. 

Then on Sunday we heard the best news. We were just welcoming people into the sacrament hall like we always do, when Gicela (Our recent convert, my first baptism) walks in with her daughters (Kassandra, 11 and Jaykeena, 9 who's father won't let them get baptized). We welcome them like normal and Kassandra goes "we have good news!" so I reply with "What is the good news?" and she says "Our dad said we can get baptized!" And so clearly, I start freaking out. So we are really hoping for, and pushing for, them to be baptized this Saturday. I really hope it happens!!! 

Anyway, that is my week!

It has been an amazing week, and I love you all so much! Love you!

Elder Allen

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