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December 17, 2013 Arizona Tempe Mission, the Greatest Ever

Well it has been a crazy awesome past few days, so I think I'll focus on that... Mainly because the first few days of the week (Monday-Thursday) kinda stunk. We didn't have a ton of success missionary wise the first few day. But whatever, just a rough patch, IT CAN'T GET ME DOWN. 

So Friday we had weekly planning, which was super fun this time. We really didn't do anything crazy fun or awesome or anything, but it was just a good time. Everyone in our zone gets along with everyone else so well, I love it. 

Never pass up taking a picture with a goat named night train
Then on Saturday we had the chivo. It was super good. We went to a members house and roasted a goat, and the meat was pretty good. Then later that night we had a Spanish stake activity, it was like this music thing, and our zone (the Spanish speakers) sang a medley of Christmas songs. It was super cool, and President Toone was there, and he liked it so much that he asked us to perform it in front of the whole mission on Monday! It was awesome. 

Then on Sunday we had a super awesome day too. We went to Church, which is always good, and then went with some people and went to the Frietz's house for dinner. They made really good Enchiladas and beans. Mexican food is so yummy... Anyway, then that night we went to the Mesa Community College Institute Building and had a Mission President's Fireside there.... WITH THE WHOLE MISSION. It was so awesome! All 205 missionaries in the mission were there. Talk about a powerful spirit right? It was so amazing. Then we went over to the transfer building and chit chatted and stuff. It was so amazing, like words can't describe. So there at the transfer building, we found out we would be housing the Zone leaders and another companionship from Maricopa Zone. We thought that meant that we would have 8 people staying in our house for the next 2 days (Sunday night and Monday night). But we were wrong. It was actually a tri-panionship too. So we had 9 people, and 2 showers. Ugh it was so bad.

So on Monday we had a Mission Christmas Party! It was an all day thing at a stake center in Tempe. It was super duper sweet. The bad part is we had to get there at 7 in the morning... Which means we had to leave at 6:30... Which means we had to get up at 5:10 so everyone could shower and get ready.... That part really stunk. Especially because Sunday night we didn't get home till around 10:30, so we didn't get to bed till 11ish. The missionary schedule stinks sometimes. But then we got to the place at 7am and we had breakfast as a mission! It was so much fun. Then we went into the Chapel and had a talk to us by Stake President Robert Laney. His talk was amazing. Simply great. He talked about the difference between being healed and being cured through Christ.
He told this amazing story, and I'll paraphrase: "A man with a relatively young family (one kid on a mission, the rest younger) had cancer and was given blessings saying he would be healed. He was able to see his son come home from his mission but later died. For a long time, the person who gave the blessing (who ended up being the stake president speaking to us, he just didn't say at first) was confused as to why he felt prompted to say he would be healed, when the cancer killed the man. Later, the stake president realized the difference between being Healed, and Cured. He was healed because his Christlike attributes have grown. His marriage and family got stronger. He was healed, but not cured of the cancer." Pretty cool story! I really liked his talk. It reminded me of Spencer Hardy. My prayers go out to the family. 

Christmas Lights at the Mesa Temple
So then after that we had the Mesa Temple President come and talk to us about ordinances in the temple, and things like that. It was good, but it was basically the same thing we heard at stake conference.... Then we had lunch, and then we did this survey thing to get to know the missionaries in the mission more. Then we had a testimony meeting for all of the missionaries  and that was really good, but it went really long (2 hours) and got really personal at times.... Too personal. And then we had dinner and then we finished off the night with a talent show of sorts. It was an assortment of musical numbers, and it was really good. We read the story of the Saviors birth in Luke as a mission. Well actually there is this missionary who has a really great voice-- like movie preview voice guy good-- and so he read it to us. It was super great. So then we had this skit where Santa came up and called out some of the missionaries from the Naughty and Nice list. It was kinda like a spotlight for the ones on the Nice list, and a way to poke fun at the missionaries on the Naughty list. It was really fun! We finished off the night with a slide show of the baptisms we have had since President Toone came in in a slide show form.It was really cool, and we are at 850 baptisms as a mission on the year. Then we had the big announcement ... we are going to... MEET ELDER JEFFREY R HOLLAND!!!!!!! He is coming to Arizona January 11th (Shout out to Elder Hayden Neal's birthday!!!) He will meet with us, the Phoenix and the Mesa mission and have a conference with him. I am BEYOND excited. fsjadfgasgdkfga Words cannot even begin.....

THEN on Tuesday we went to the temple! It was super awesome. We went as a mission! Sorta, and then we took a Mission Picture. And that was the weekend! It was the best weekend ever. 
Never pass up taking a picture with a turtle

Final thoughts: 
I want to go to Yuma in my mission at some point.
I want to serve with Elder Sylvester or Mabey 

I Love you all so much!!! Have a merry Christmas :)

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