Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013 What an Amazing Week!

Well this has been an amazing week!

Monday we got in contact with a Potential Investigator named Oscar. He was a street contact, who doesn't seem like the person who would want to learn about God, when you first see him that is. Once you get to know him, you realize that God and Jesus Christ are such a huge part of his life. When we started teaching him, we asked him what his expectations were from us being here. He said "Man... I just want to be able to teach my kids about how to be a good person, like you guys are!" So we have taught him a few times, and he seems really solid. I think he could get baptized with his wife, and 5 kids, but only 2 are over the age of 8. 

On Tuesday we had our first district meeting with our new district leader, my new companion, Elder Aranibar. It was great, but it got cut short because the guy who was going to paint our new house had to go and get new paint, but he only speaks Spanish, so we had to go with him to translate for the housing coordinator, Elder Davenport. 

On Wednesday we received our Hastening Devices, aka iPads. It is pretty crazy, not going to lie. There is so much potential in them! We had to install a whole lot of stuff on there that makes it so we can't do anything bad. It is actually really secure. I am slightly in love with iOS7... It is so pretty! And so effective. Anyway, then we came home after the iPad training from Brother Lee Donaldson (the inspired questions guy from The District 2) and we set up all of the stuff we need in Gospel Library. There isn't a ton in Spanish, which makes me sad, but being in a more humble area, it makes me have to use my paper copy of the standard works, which makes us look less rich!

Then we had Halloween on Thursday, and it was super weird. We had to be inside at 4:30pm! And guess what we did while inside? We put all of the people in our area book into our iPad. For 5 hours. It was such a drag to be honest, but it has to be done! 

Then on Friday we had weekly planning, with the iPads. It was legit. It is hard to get used to the app, and it is slow and I'm pretty sure it is in Beta or maybe even Alpha to be honest. And then after weekly planning, we moved into our new house! It is so cool! I will email some pictures home today! 

And that is pretty much all that happened! Saturday and Sunday were fairly standard in comparison 

I love you all so much and I have you all in my prayers!!! And I know that this is exactly where and what I need to be doing. I hit 5 months as a missionary 2 days ago.... What???? Crazy!!

Élder Allen

208 W. Darrow Road

Phoenix Arizona 85041 

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