Thursday, September 19, 2013

Crazy Week 9/16/2013

Monday and Tuesday (9th and 10th) were pretty much your standard days. Go out and get groceries, etc...

Wednesday (11th): 
We met with one of our investigators, Ryan, and his Fiancee who is a member, Alexa. They are super cool and are getting married on the 11th of October! They asked me to be the translator for their wedding because Ryan's family doesn't speak Spanish but the wedding will be in Spanish. I was so honored, but My Spanish is not nearly good enough to do that. So I had to decline. But they are going with us to the temple Visitors center this Tuesday to watch the Restoration, so that should be good. 

Thursday (12th):
Pretty basic day, we just went by to see some Less active/Recent converts to make sure all was well or if there was anything we could do for them. 

Friday (13th):
We had weekly planning and then we had our Post-6 week training meeting at the building right next to the mission home. It was a good training meeting that was run by the Assistant's to the President. That took up most of the day though.
Saturday (14th):
Saturday was a crazy day. We started it with getting a knock on the door really early in the morning (at like 6:28am) And it was the Davenports with a new desk for me and a new couch for the apartment! It was pretty sweet. So naturally, we threw the old desk and couch out of the 3rd story window! (Totally normal for 4 guys ages 18-21 to do) and I video taped it. Hopefully the videos will send. THen we had a ward Kermes! Basically just a huge ward/stake party that involved A TON of food (as most latino functions do). It was amazing, but we went to go help them set up pretty much all day because they were really short on helpers. We were barely ready for everyone when people started showing up. I helped cook the incredibly yummy Carne Asada. Then it didn't end till like 7pm and they needed help cleaning up too! So we were basically there all day. The best part were the dances that the members of the ward put on! I'll send some pictures home.

Sunday (15th): We had our regular 6:30am meeting at the church (which is really starting to drag on me) and then our regular church. We went to the Bishops after church for a dinner/Lunch where we had Chicheron... I'll let you guys figure out what that was. It wasn't the best texture, but it tasted good? 

That's pretty much all that happened this week!

Love you all so much, and I am trying to give all I can to the people of South Phoenix everyday. 

Elder Allen

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