Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I used to love dogs, then I came to Arizona...

This week has been pretty good. We haven't had a ton of success, we only got 1 new investigator this week, and it is the daughter of one of our other investigators. We started off the week pretty slow to be honest, but then we had a Zone Conference and it revitalized our work effort. We have these things called OYM's (Open your mouth) and it basically means we stop and talk to whoever is in our path. Our goal for the week was to get 140, and by the time Wednesday rolled around we were at something like 30. We hunkered down on Thursday through Saturday and we got around 70 for those 3 days. Not too bad. But then Sunday came and from 6:30 to 8:45 we got 61 OYM's and a good 7-8 Potential investigators! It was a pretty great way to end the week. 

Now to answer some of your questions: 
Laundry?  Do you go to the laundry mat? 
Yes a member takes us to the laundry mat every P-day morning and it costs $2.50 in total to do my laundry, so not too bad. 
What Spanish ward to you report to? 
We report to the ward called Montana del Sur (there should be a tilda on that second n in montana)
How is the food?  Do you get fed by the members?  Have you had to talk in church yet? 
We get fed by members almost every night for dinner, so that's nice. The food here is so good. It's all real Mexican food, which is a nice change from Taco Bell. I have not had the opportunity to give a talk yet. 

Short letter this week.  

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