Monday, August 19, 2013

Crazy Week, First Baptism

Okay, I am going to break this down by day now, because that seems easier. 

Monday August 12th:
It was a pretty chill day, obviously it was P-Day which is always nice. Then we had FHE at the church building for all of our investigators and the Hermana's in our ward (Haar and Bryant) taught about the Plan of Salvation to all of them. It was a pretty nice day.

Tuesday August 13th:
Nothing much happened on Tuesday to be honest. We had a district meeting and then went to Panda Express. So that was awesome as always.

Wednesday August 14th:
Wow we met with our investigator several times. 

Thursday August 15th: 
That was an awesome day. Elder Carden of the 70 came and talked to us pretty much all day. It was a really cool experience and he said a lot of awesome things, but it basically broke down to work more with the members. They are the key to furthering the work of salvation. Once we were done with the mission tour, we didn't have a lot of time to go out and proselyte  so we went to our investigator to make sure all was well. We were with the ward mission leader to teach her about Tithing. She was totally down for it. 

Friday August 16th:
Not much happened today but we showed our investigator the John Tanner video, what an inspiring man he is!!! I love that video, it is so good. 
Saturday August 17th:
Our investigator GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!! It was a great day, I'll send the pictures. 

Sunday August 18th:
We were on our way to a referrals house, and while we were knocking on their door an African American man asks me "Do you think I'm going to Hell for smoking this here blunt?" I sighed and didn't really want to respond, but I said "No, not if you plan on repenting for it. Smoking that would be breaking a commandment because it is against the law of the land." He went on to yell at me for telling him he was sinning and then asked me why my first name was Elder. I explained to him that it is a title that sorta means teacher. He then asked me what tribe of Israel I was from. When i said Ephraim, he yelled at me again calling me an "idomite" I don't know what that means, but apparently I am one. Then he looked at my companion, who is from El Salvador, and said "You need to find yourself. You have been called to preach the word of God, this white boy isn't."
So that was interesting....

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