Sunday, February 9, 2014

January 27, 2014 Not so good of a week

This week has kinda sucked to be honest. Monday was fun, we ate these really hot peppers (not quite habanero heat, but hotter than a sorano, or so I've been told) and that was fun as always. Then we went over to the church to play Ganor (or maybe it's Gator) Ball. This game that is a mix of ultimate frisbee and soccer. It's really fun. Then on Tuesday we had our regular district meetings and stuff, but I started to feel really sick. I felt like I was just punched in the stomach, and it hurt at all times. I never felt like I needed to throw up, but just that my stomach hurt a lot. And so on Tuesday we had our regular work day, but then I woke up Wednesday morning, and I just felt terrible. So did another elder I live with, Elder Baker. He and I had the same symptoms and so we stayed in Wednesday, and Thursday, and Friday, and Saturday, and Sunday.... It was bad. By the time Sunday rolled around we felt a lot better, but Sister Toone told us to take it easy, and to rest and drink lots of water, because this sort of flu bug that we had has been going around the mission, and there are a lot of Elders and Sisters that feel good after a few days, and so they try and go out, but then they just get it even worse. Especially because it's starting to get warm again (not super warm, but no more sweaters). So yea, Elder Baker and I stayed in those days and slept a lot, told a ton of stories, and just felt sick to our stomach! Yayaya!.... Not. But we're feeling a lot better now, so we should be good to go for the week.

One cool thing we did do while we were sick was write a poem/song. Elder Baker sang it and put it on Facebook, but I'll put the lyrics to the poem at the end of this email.

Yep. That's pretty much all that happened this week! It was pretty lame and sucky. But I still love the work, actually now more than ever! I hated not doing anything--even worse, not being able to do anything. I know that this is the work of The Lord and that I'm here serving him for these 2 short years. I love you all so much!!

√Člder Allen

Thy Great Love
By Elder Christopher Neal Baker and Elder Trevor Joseph Allen

As I sit and ponder on Thy love for me
I am filled with gratitude and love for thee
That thou would sacrifice thy holy life
For me a sinner, whom thou would die

Thou came to the earth in a humble way
For there in a manger thou did lay
As thou grew,  mighty miracles were performed
By thy loving hand broken hearts were reborn

Thou suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane
Mocked and scorn thou hung on Calvary
I  marvel at the thought of the pain thou endured
For all my mistakes and sins I incurred

Yet while in the tomb thou wast not wont to stay
For in three days time thou woke to say
"My plan fulfilled, my kingdom come
It being complete from all that I've done"

My hearts filled with joy for all that thou did
On my behalf so that I may live
My wish when Resurrected to a perfect state
Is To stand right before thee and hear thee say

"Blessed art thou for all thou hast done
For all of the weary their you turned away none
Thou good and faithful servant enter into my rest
For thou hast proved faithful and thou shalt be blest"

I will Love my brother as myself
I will love thee Lord like nobody else
So go forward with faith is what I must do
So when this life ends I may live with you!

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